Welcome to Strategic Armor

Strategic Armor is a premier security company in North Carolina, that specializes in high end customer services focusing on your security needs, as well as, private lessons, level training, and the North Carolina Concealed Carry Course that ensures the clients' needs are met with professionalism. 

Classes We Offer

Private Lessons

If you're uncertain of your proficiency or have never handled a firearm before, book a private lesson with one of our firearm instructors. Our instructors have over 60 years of experience handling firearms and are trained instructors by the State of North Carolina. Please contact us for pricing for private and group lessons.

Concealed Carry Classes

Strategic Armor's North Carolina Concealed Course is a one day course taught by Certified North Carolina Concealed Carry instructors with over 60 years of experience in the military and law enforcement. We have found for everyone's safety, it is much easier for us to supply everything. This includes high quality firearms,  30 rounds of ammunition, ear protection and light lunch. All we ask is you bring eye protection. No Live AMMO or FIREARMS are ALLOWED IN THE CLASSROOM. Simply put, just show up ready to learn; you will not find a more professional and comprehensive course anywhere else.


This Training is designed to increase your ability when it comes to safely handling firearms and enhancing your marksmanship skills. 

Level 1 Beginner | $ 75.00 - Introduction to handguns and firearm safety

Level 2 Intermediate | $ 150.00 - Marksmanship training focusing on drawing from a concealed position and dealing with firearm malfunctions

Security and Emergency Response Services

Emergency Response - Same day on-site security for unexpected events such as fire, natural disasters, and power outages.

Corporate and Industrial Security - Assessment and review of current security needs and provide an updated security plan and personnel.  

Event Security - Providing area assessment and personnel based on client needs. E.g. fairs, farmers markets, auto shows, weddings, and festivals.

Site Assessments - Personalized evaluation of vulnerabilities in a variety of environments such as schools, churches, shopping malls, businesses, and homes.